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Partnerships and Projects

Cesar Cedillo - Chief of Schools, Denver Public Schools

Dr. Dray led a three year professional learning initiative with all staff in our building [when I was a principal at Bruce Randolph School], Teachers Working Together to Develop and Implement Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Practices. Her work yielded impressive results for our multilingual learners academically as well as with their English language skills. An impressive 41% of multilingual learners were successfully exited as a result of her work with our teachers.

Francine Euphemia - Principal, Creekside Elementary School, Boulder Valley School District

As a leader for emerging bilingual learners, Barbara makes sound decisions based on data and best practice, and leads others to do the same. When providing professional learning, Barbara, is a skilled collaborator and leader that explains, interacts and models in a way that ensures staff understand the benefits for students and are able to implement best practices with fidelity.

Laura Carr - ELD Teacher, Broomfield High School, Boulder Valley School District

As a mentor to English Language Development teachers, she created a district secondary teachers group.  Barbara's ability to understand our unspoken needs, desires, and obstacles reinforced her leadership skills. She knows the struggles, and road blocks that appear everyday for us. Although she has been in our district for a very short time, she has impacted many teachers, students, and parents to believe in themselves and seek change for the better.

David Stewart - ELD Teacher, Fairview High School, Boulder Valley School District

Barbara directed several district level professional development offerings for English Language Development teachers. It was refreshing to take part in the ELD cohorts that she led because she asks you to bring in your whole self to the work. Her charge was to foster leadership of secondary ELD teachers in our buildings. Barbara asked us to begin with reflecting on why we are passionate about what we do, and bring that passion to our work. And she recognized and helped us to identify the dynamics and obstacles we faced in our individual buildings to enact practices that will benefit our English Language Learners.

Barbara's work inspired me to develop anti-bias modules for teachers. Under Barbara's direction, the modules we developed were well-received and impactful for our staff, and ultimately for our students."

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