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Program Evaluation & Design

A Mixed Method Approach

As a thought partner, I work collaboratively to design a program & evaluation system that supports continuous improvement an includes the voices of ALL stakeholders and initiatives. A qualitative researcher by trade with extensive background in grounded theory, participatory action research and collaborative inquiry, I am dedicated to the story you want to tell about your program and its' impact.  Formally trained in both quantitative and qualitative  methodologies, I have a track record of designing strong mixed method evaluations that yield informative and immediately useful information to make data based decisions for improvement as well as report to funding agencies such as USDOE, State Education Agencies and private foundations. I have deep knowledge of adult learning theory, culturally and linguistically responsive and sustaining pedagogies, and transformative learning theory that inform my lens in program design, identifying key pedagogical moves, and selecting and designing appropriate evaluation measures. I have served as a senior evaluator for funded projects under National Professional Development (NPD), Office of Special Education Rehabilitative Services, as well as NYSDOE and District funded research.

Program Evaluation & Design: Welcome
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